Dead Plate

Dead Plate

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Get on the backstage of a fashionable restaurant and figure out the terrible secret that its gloomy chef hides. Being a young and inexperienced waiter named Rody, you will have to work hard and delve into the heinous dark side of the place where you happened to get the job.

Every day the feeling of obscure anxiety is getting stronger, the nightmares become unbearable and the situation with your personal life doesn’t get any better. Discover the reason for your constant misfortunes and decide what you are going to do about it.

At the same time, the game needs you to remember that you still need to be a nice employee and serve the clients as well as you can. Go from one table to another, give away the orders and purchase the improvement from the glamorous catalogue. Who knows, maybe you will have a chance to try one of the famous meals yourself?

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