Raldi’s Crackhouse

Raldi’s Crackhouse

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Escape a weird and perilous school, while running away from your ominous teacher in Raldiā€™s Crackhouse! Apply your logical skills and look for the life-saving notes, which will open the exit for you. Will you find ten of them before the strict teacher catches you?

The school hides lots of mysteries and dangers, so you should always mind the next step! Each character in this building is against you and the longer you stay there, the more vicious they become. Hurry up and accomplish your mission until you turn totally defenceless.

Feel the anxiety of constant pursuit and go through a long set of sophisticated puzzles. The riddles gradually become harder and harder, so in the end you will have to show extraordinary wit to get out of there alive. Sneak inside the classrooms, outsmart your foes and remember that Raldi is always watching!

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