KinitoPET Game Online

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Immerse into the most unique experience and adopt a cute little pet on your desktop. KinitoPET is an absolutely unusual game, where you are going to endure all sorts of emotions. Lay back and roam through curious computer programmes.

About Game KinitoPET

This extraordinary psychological horror was developed and published by troy_en, being announced on reddit. Though it may not be the most massive project, the number of riddles it contains is truly impressive.

Gaining inspiration from virtual assistants that were popular in the 2000-s and from famous Tamagotchi, the main hero of KinitoPET was created and you will surely love to meet him.

Become friends of charismatic AI and participate in multiple pursuits together! Having a whole desktop with several apps installed and your buddy roaming around, look for the adventures and check out intriguing mods. However, don’t spend too much time in this digital universe, or you may find it too hard to return!

Gameplay KinitoPET

Turn to the era, when the computers have only begun amaze with cool features and browse through some old-fashioned apps in the delightful company of your new assistant. Having a large space for your imagination, you may actually start from anything you see on the screen. But first, get acquainted with your buddy and share some information about yourself.

KinitoPET will delve you into the uneasy atmosphere gradually, by occasional scraps of phrases or sudden creepy scenes. Although, what can go wrong when you have such nice virtual personage on your side? Learn more about the world you happened to explore and figure out what is wrong with this weird AI project.

Pay attention to all the slightest changes in the background or in the mood of your interlocutor and respond to them. The charm of KinitoPET is that you may type absolutely random answers to any question Kinito asks you, so there are no limits. There is even no need for mods, as you may get to any secret by simply starting a new game plus.

After you tell some facts about yourself, why don’t you surf the Internet and also meet Kinito Crew? These friendly marine inhabitants would love to spend time with you and show you their amazing world. Visit their digital village and hear the story of its decay. Help Kinito’s pals with their problems and chat with them a little, as true friends should do.


Carry on with your exploration of KinitoPET and through your little acquaintance get to know the rest of the amusing multiverse. The Crew is quite tiny, but each member is important and does a definite job.

  • Kinito the Axolotl. This adventurous pal will become your guide in the sophisticated world of this game. He is cheerful, curious and always apt for different journeys.
  • Sam the Sea Anemone. Sam is not so energetic, but prefers to chill most of the time. He takes pleasure in contemplating the things around and never bothers himself with anxiety.
  • Jade the Jellyfish. Being the brain of the team, she is into science and she just loves making lots of experiments. Jade also appreciates exciting adventures and she will gladly accept to join one.

Learn more about yourself

As your pal is an extremely active personage, in KinitoPET you are going to participate in many tests, quests and other ventures. Take pleasure in the walk around the home place of the Kinito Crew and check out possible enterprises. Help Sam to renovate his house and work with Jade on her factory, assembling cool toys.

However, Kinito prepared a more exciting game for you. Play hide and seek together, walking around uncomfortable sombre rooms and abandoned corridors. What is this place and why did your friend choose it for a fun and pleasing game like that?

In any case, you will be able to tell about any unpleasant experience later, when passing a so-called Best Friends Analysis. You may even paint a picture that will represent all your feelings, just go to the Paint app and release your ideas on the virtual canvas.

In the end, will you stay in this strange place or will you choose to look for the exit? KinitoPET gives you several options and the outcomes will surprise you a lot. So, try out the full version of the project on your pc and receive a new best friend forever!


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