Delve in the nostalgic experience and receive a talkative virtual assistant, who will gladly become your new best friend! KinitoPET offers you a wide range of activities, so you may play an entertaining game, read some articles or draw a nice picture. But most importantly, you may spend time with your perfect buddy!

Gameplay KinitoPET

Get to know Kinito Crew, starting from Kinito himself. This sympathetic axolotl is waiting for you to join him in his intriguing ventures, so be ready for lots of new activities. Follow your pal on the desktop and explore the programmes step by step, chatting with the axolotl at the same time.

Your tiny guide will help you to navigate in KinitoPET by pointing out the apps you should visit first and showing you their cool features. For example, the web is hiding a whole multiverse with other digital creatures, such as sea anemone and jellyfish, who would also like to talk to you and even present interesting tasks.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions and ask the questions that Kinito asks to figure out more facts about you. Your genuine opinion is very important, even if it is not really pleasant. But you surely wouldn’t like to disappoint your newly-acquired buddy with undesirable reviews.

Although, the more you explore the virtual world of Kinito, the more strange and suspicious things you are starting to notice. It seems like your assistance already knows everything about you, but how can it possibly affect you? Don’t get into the cleverly set trap and escape the danger of KinitoPET until it is too late!

Use a chance to fully uncover the mysteries

This game is an ideal representative of a horror that won’t threaten you with screamers or monsters. Instead, you are going to gradually accumulate the feeling of insecurity and suspense. Something abnormal is concealed in the depths of this virtual pet programme and you may try to discover what it is exactly.

Your actions influence the game in many ways, leading you to a certain outcome. Get to the truth whatever it costs or accept your fate and stay in your own world with Kinito. Whatever you choose, there is an option which allows you to continue the investigation even after the main game. Use it and turn on the apps that you didn’t have a chance to check out.

Roam through the emails, return to the web and see what happened to the village where all the characters live, play Minesweeper and apply logical thinking to avoid the mines and win or achieve the best score in Pinball.

But if you venture a little further, you may encounter the most intricate files. Release your hacker skills and see the true core of the mysterious app. There are still more enigmas to disclose, so take your time and appreciate this sophisticated multi-layered project.

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