The House in Fata Morgana

The House in Fata Morgana

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Drama, gothic maids and intricate plot – this is the amalgamation that defines The House in Fata Morgana. Dive into the ominous narrative, brimming with shocking plot twists and breath-taking pursuits. Restore your memory and discover the truth about the infamous mansion where you so suddenly occurred.

Travel through times and space to find the answers to multiple questions and collect the parts of your past, step by step. However, to deal with your own problems, you will first need to help out the other inhabitants of the house. Take a look at the tragedies of their lives and find a way to facilitate their struggles.

The incredible visual design of this visual novel will fully immerse you into the murky and menacing world, where there is practically no hope left. Will you change the situation and return light to the condemned mansion?

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