KinitoPET 2024

KinitoPET 2024

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Would you like to make a friend, but wouldn’t like to go out? Then you should definitely get acquainted with Kinito! This funny little guy is a virtual axolotl that will become a perfect best friend for you. Communicate with him, play an exciting game and have fun all the time!

Gameplay KinitoPET

Your desktop looks a bit blank, so add something amusing to it and release your new buddy for a walk. He will be glad to show how everything works in this digital universe and where you should start. In particular, you better begin your venture with a more detailed introduction to your pal.

Watch the pink axolotl go from one side of the screen to another, using his green surfboard and performing lovely animations. Join him in the exciting journey to the village, where the whole crew lives and meet the other digital sea life as well. All three of them have already prepared some thrilling activities for you!

However, there is something odd in this game, as you may accidentally stumble upon a creepy glitch or read alarming messages from time to time. What is really going on in this universe and how are you connected with it? Ask your tiny assistant and maybe you will get the information you need.

Reveal the secret files

KinitoPET is brimming with enigmas, as the friendly surface of this project is hiding something terrible and vicious. Discover the truth about your energetic companion and his overly cheerful attitude towards you, looking through all available resources.

Apart from the web, where you are going to spend most of the time, there are other programmes on the desktop and you definitely should pay attention to each of them. From the e-mails with important letters that shed some light on the origin of Kinito and his story to the Minesweeper that surprisingly contains hidden messages as well.

Depending on the way you communicate with your helpful guide, KinitoPET offers several endings. Your curiosity may lead to unexpected results, so carefully think before typing anything. Remember that Kinito is watching your every step!

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