KinitoPET 2

KinitoPET 2

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Meet the craziest AI ever and try to stop it from expanding to your own desktop! In KinitoPET you are going to face a true horror and this time the threat is so real you can practically feel it. How can you confront the almighty technology that wants to possess all your data?

Gameplay KinitoPET

Start your risky venture with a delightful meeting with your new assistant, who is in fact a tiny pink axolotl. He is capable of many curious things and he is cheerful about introducing you to all his abilities. So, examine the desktop in a friendly company of Kinito and engage in multiple activities.

Your new buddy in KinitoPET is always glad to play a game with you, so don’t make him wait and find an entertaining event yourself! Check out the apps that are already installed or go to the web and encounter something else. Besides, on the web you may also discover some hints which may be useful in your further investigation.

The gameplay in KinitoPET is highly diverse and includes many kinds of interactions. In one chapter of the game, you are going to pass a little test for friends and in the other one you will be drawing amusing pictures. Thus, there is practically no possibility for you to get bored.

Don’t let the virus spread

If you decide to make friends with someone, you will try to make a good impression and tell them something interesting about you. That is exactly what Kinito would like you to do! Share the most basic facts about you and your digital pal will adapt for your preferences ideally. You may even witness your own virtual world being made!

At the same time, the leak of personal data can totally harm you, if it is not in the right hands. In this game, all your answers really matter and this makes the experience truly unique for everyone. Even simple yes or no may play a big role in the further actions. So, think twice before telling the truth even to your faithful pink friend.

Is there any chance to get away from this intrusive programme or are you doomed to spend eternity there? Inspect each aspect of the game leaving no stone unturned and figure out how to outsmart the witty axolotl. Get rid of this weird programme once and for all and avoid the invasion.

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